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Cinergex Solutions Ltd.  was formed to develop modern waste-to-energy facilities capable of eliminating the environmental problems caused by the global use of landfills for waste disposal. Our goal is to create environmentally-friendly power generation projects, while virtually eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions related to traditional landfill use.

In partnership with Olivine Corporation, we install cutting-edge waste-to-energy systems which are proven, durable, reliable and environmentally safe.

Introduction to our Waste to Energy Product

For over thirty years, Olivine has been perfecting the art of taking a problem and turning it into a profit. They are the manufacturers of one of the world's leading gasification burner technologies - a technology so advanced that it is capable of handling any and all waste products but still meets the most stringent environmental standards anywhere in the world!

Olivine has made dramatic improvements, particularly in the areas of computerization and flow control. By controlling the rate at which the waste is processed in the combustion chamber, Olivine ensures the most consistent temperature controls and, in so doing, ensures that there are no organic airborne pollutants released during the process.

The units are efficient, easily maintained, cost-effective, and rugged, while offering the highest environmental sensitivity possible.

We know that to be a successful solution to the waste disposal problems faced by municipalities around the world, the units must meet the following criteria:

  • Low Initial Cost - we believe the lowest price for technology of this quality
  • Ease of maintenance and operation
  • Rapid parts replacement utilizing "off-the-shelf" availability
  • Meet or exceed all EPA and US Department of the Environment (or similar) environmental standards for air and water emissions.
  • Utilize the greatest possible percentage of the latent energy stored in the waste products and which would, otherwise, be lost if disposed in traditional landfills

These units feature a unique refractory material that can handle temperatures exceeding 2500 degrees F, with little or no maintenance, and the plants are literally capable of running 24 hours a day, virtually 365 days a year.

A constant temperature is maintained throughout the continuous burn by utilizing an under-fire fan system and automatic, computer controlled fuel feed, air lock, feed stock and ash removal systems. An over-fire fan introduces oxygen and imparts a circular motion to the gases and maintains them in the combustion chamber for approximately six seconds before they are drawn into the boiler system.

The boilers have been designed to handle municipal solid waste, including plastics that can condense and damage normal boiler tubes. The boilers are also computer controlled with manual bypass safety systems that meet all standards for safe and simple boiler operation.

The electrical system is built around a low pressure steam turbine generator set of 5-60 Megawatt (depending on waste volume processed) capacity.  The plant is supplied complete with all synchronizing, transforming, load protection and switchgear for connection to a standard power line grid. All electrical systems are computer controlled.

Emissions and emissions control systems meet or exceed all EPA standards and guidelines for thermal processing facilities. A spray dryer removes acid gases from the exhaust and fine particles are removed in the bag house, where they are continuously monitored. A very sophisticated monitoring system measures, records and controls emission performance. The burner ash is quenched and prepared for either transport to a landfill or to be used in the manufacture of building blocks, road barriers, asphalt, etc.

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Notice to Reader: Not every installation is exactly the same and thus each is reviewed in detail.